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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Query?

Query is a protocol used to get information about server. It's less known than status protocol and it has to be enabled in file. It allows to get more information about server, but it's slower.

How do I change port of server I want to check?

You can use the same way as in game. Add the : and port you want to check after the domain.

How can I disable status for my server?

To disable status of your server you need to set enable-status and enable-query to false in the file. This will result disabling status directly in game, but this won't affect connecting to server.

How can I hide plugins on my server?

If you use Spigot, Bukkit or Craftbukkit set query-plugins to false in your bukkit.yml file.

Why this page doesn't shows list of online players?

Minecraft servers only return a maximum of 12 random players when requesting the status. Some servers can override it to show additional information for users.

How ping is calculated there?

Ping is a latency from request to origin server. Our API is located in central europe, that means ping between you and server can be different.

Is it really real-time data?

Yes, our API caches responses for only 15 seconds to prevent spamming requests to servers, so API does not get ratelimited!

How do I disable my server checks tracking?

You can Click here to toggle tracking. Tracking is Enabled.

How can I contact you?

You can join our discord server.

Developer info

This project is open-source. It's made with Remix and Chakra UI. API is written in Typescript, nodeJS.

If you found any bug, please create new issue on github.

System info

Mode: production

Process uptime: 14.69 days

Process memory usage: 107MB

System memory: 4399/7945MB

Platform: linux x64, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor

Node version: 21.5.0

V8 engine version:

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