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PrimeServersAPI's API API is a free-to-use API, that allows checking any Minecraft Server status. To generate API token join our Discord server and navigate to #generate-token text channel. Use /generatetoken command to get your new private token!


Sample token*

Log in to generate private token!

How to use the API?

To use the api, enter your generated token into Authorization header, like shown on example below. It is important to note that API tokens should be kept secure and not shared with unauthorized users.

await fetch("", {
headers: {
"Authorization": "a435bbf6-e952-4b62-b2e8-8fd40b1b3501" // insert your token here
}).then(res => res.json())

In short:

  1. Obtain an API token: You need to get an API token in order to use the API. This token is used to authenticate your API requests and ensure that your usage is authorized.
  2. Include the token in the request header: Once you have the API token, you need to include it in the "Authorization" header of your API request. This header is used to pass along your API token, so that the API server can verify your authorization.
  3. Send the API request: After you have included the API token in the request header, you can send the API request to the server and receive a response. The response will contain the data you requested, as well as any other relevant information.
  4. Keep your token secure: It is important to keep your API token secure and not share it with unauthorized users.

See the example below to know what should be right API response. - sample API response

"online": true,
"host": "",
"port": 25565,
"version": {
    "array": [
        "1.8 / 1.19"
    "string": "Requires MC 1.8 / 1.19"
"players": {
    "online": 54029,
    "max": 200000,
    "list": []
"protocol": 47,
"software": "Requires MC 1.8 / 1.19",
"motd": {
    "raw": "§f                §aHypixel Network §c[1.8-1.19]§f
   §c§lLUNAR MAPS §6§lCOSMETICS §7| §d§lSKYBLOCK 0.17.3",
    "clean": "                Hypixel Network [1.8-1.19]
    "html": "<span><span style="color: #FFFFFF;">                </span><span style="color: #55FF55;">Hypixel Network </span><span style="color: #FF5555;">[1.8-1.19]</span><span style="color: #FFFFFF;">
   </span><span style="color: #FF5555; font-weight: bold;">LUNAR MAPS </span><span style="color: #FFAA00; font-weight: bold;">COSMETICS </span><span style="color: #AAAAAA;">| </span><span style="color: #FF55FF; font-weight: bold;">SKYBLOCK 0.17.3</span></span>"
"favicon": "...ORK5CYII=",
"ping": 107,
"debug": {
    "status": true,
    "query": false,
    "legacy": false

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